Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slo Mo Video - Back Side Jump Handling

The tools we have at our disposal for learning and teaching these days is mind-boggling.  More and more people are using them.  I was very gratified this morning to run across a You-Tube video posted by Steve Schwarz, The Agility Nerd, on all the ways to send a dog to the back side of a jump, in slo mo.  He had posted the same video, without the slo mo feature, a few days earlier, and my mind could not quite grasp it.  Now it's clear as a bell.  You can view his full post, including diagrams, here. Printing out the diagrams really helps.  There are 5 handling maneuvers from the landing side, 3 from the take-off (back) side of the jump.  It depends upon where you want the dog to head next and how much time you have to complete the maneuver.

Here's the stand alone slo-mo video (I was prompted to install the latest Adobe Flash Player for this to work, but it only took a few seconds).  I love the way he made his wings out of fabric, and the way he does little back yard training sessions real quick, isolating a skill.  The variations keep it from being repetitive and boring, and show all the different ways the same obstacle, approached from the same angle, can be handled.  The dog learns to focus on the handler's slightest moves, not just take the obstacle over and over.  Brilliant!

Once I get the moves down, in both directions, without a dog, I'm going to video myself doing them with Maxie and Lucky and post them here.  That should provide some entertainment, as we've never seen some of these moves before!  Then I'll teach them to my students. Thanks, Steve, for sharing and being such a generous teacher.  My cup runneth over.

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