Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Hour Energy Drink

I've mentioned elsewhere on this blog that I sometimes take a 5 Hour Energy drink on the drive home from trials so I don't fall asleep on the road.  Being one who doesn't take many drugs, except 2 Aleve daily for arthritis stiffness, a low dose Bayer for heart insurance, and half a sleeping pill once or twice on trial weekends due to insomnia (being a natural night person who has a devil of a time getting up early, much less being alert during a 7:30 Judge's Briefing and walk through).  I've attested elsewhere that 5 Hour Energy really works for me -- keeps me awake without any form of buzz, for several hours.  That's $3 well spent, in my opinion.

Last night my husband showed me an article about 5 Hour Energy in the Feb 2012 edition of Forbes Magazine, entitled What's In The Bottle?  Turns out, it's 3000% of your daily dose of B6, 3 other B's, plus a shot of caffeine equivalent to a large Starbucks coffee. This surprised me, since 1 cup of caffeinated coffee makes my heart race, and this doesn't.

Manoj Bhargava, founder of the company, says it's not really an "energy" drink.  It's a "focus" drink, but the FDA won't let them use that word.  Well, hell, FOCUS is one of the issues I struggle with, so maybe I'll try taking a shot half an hour before my next run. Could be, it isn't just for the drive home any more.  Maybe my dogs can lap some up too, just before they run.  Would that be considered doping?

In just 8 years, 5 Hour Energy has made Bhargava a multi-millionnaire. It is readily available at WalMart, Sams, most drug stores, Race Way and Race Track gas stations, truck stops all up and down the interstate.  It's cheaper than $3 a pop if you buy it by the case, and it has a really long shelf life.  Comes in several flavors, too.  Perhaps dog clubs could do a little side business at trials selling shots to weary competitors!

Humm, something else to research, experiment with, and learn about.

Upwards and onward!

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