Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Agility Trials To Attend

Yesterday I was given an excellent tip by a fellow club member for finding agility trials to attend all over the USA.  I checked it out and it is awesome.  It costs nothing to use, not even a username/password, so I look at it as an ingenious gift from a benevolent hand.  Please, check it out.

Go to   Choose your venue (AKC, USDAA, etc.), choose your states (hold down the control button and you can pick multiple states in the drop down list), then click on any trial listed to get to the desired premium.

For AKC events at least, you pick a trial and can type in your information into the fillable .pdf form,  print it out and mail it in.  Better yet, if the actual premium hasn't yet been posted, you get served up a blank form just like the one you see in printed premium lists.  You can fill out all that tedious information online, just once, including the dog's height, class, birthdate, AKC number, breeder info, your name, address, handler name, your phone number and email.  Then, you can print multiple copies for your dog, enough to last the whole year, sign them ahead of time, then when the actual premium comes in, you can just print, cut and staple the first paragraph containing the specific club information for that trial and check boxes for the classes entered each day, onto your pre-filled forms.  Repeat for each dog you trial with. What a time saver!

Reading the list, you can pretty much decide on your whole trialing calendar for the year.

Trialing has become a whole lot easier for me now with this tedious step made so much easier.  I printed out 10 for Maxie, and 10 for Lucky Lucy.  They are stored in my desk.  I was so excited, I grabbed a dozen envelopes and affixed stamps and my return address on them.  I've got the stack ready to go.

Snip, snap!

As my club's webmaster, I'm also considering how maybe I can save myself even more time not having to link to Agility Trial premiums on our club's website as they come in to me.  I can just post the list and refer them to one place for the premiums. 

Is there such a service for locating Obedience, Herding, and Tracking trials?  Anybody know, let me know.

Upwards and onward!

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