Monday, April 11, 2011

Tight Turns and Collection

I teach the Post Turn and the Pull Through in my Handling Fundamentals For Beginners class, basically how to get your dog to go over, then wrap around, a jump, either on your same side (Post Turn, or ending up on your opposite side (Pull Through).  After watching videos of many dogs' trialing runs, their wide turns and wasted time on both of these techniques, I became intensely interested in learning to teach Tighter Turns and better Collection.  I found this video, by Steve Schwarz, The Agility Nerd, on YouTube, and I offer it to all my agility friends and students.

This video shows several more variations on that theme, Blind Cross Pull Through, Scoop, etc. -- plus how a seasoned dog trainer uses a tug toy to inspire their dog.  Steve always inspires me because I am also very interested in looking less like an elephant on course.  Steve is incredibly smooth, with minimalist movements.  Watch, and learn.

Roundways and sideways, upwards and onward!

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