Friday, July 20, 2012

Club Newsletter Editor

Last month I stepped in as our dog club's Newsletter Editor, the previous very popular gal  having had to resign suddenly for personal reasons.  I had already been contributing articles, ideas and feature stories for the past few years, and had been helping proof each month's draft for a couple of years, so I already had the template on my computer and pretty much knew the drill.

In fact, I already had an interesting feature story written up on Tracey Roth, a long time club member who pursues AKC's Versatile Companion Titles, so I had material for the June issue on short notice, and have been working on other articles as well.  What I hadn't encountered yet was the cost of mailing hard copies to our 5 club members who don't have email.  Our Constitution requires that each member receive a newsletter, and most are sent out electronically, but we charge $6 per year to those who request hard copies.  I hadn't realized how inadequate that fee is.  I bought postage yesterday to last thru 2012, at $22.75, and realized that mailing out 8 pages costs .65 cents a month per person (up to 2 ounces), not to mention color printing costs (an even larger expense).  All tallied, it actually costs our club $21.00/year per club member to mail out hard copies.  And we charge $6. I learned that the previous editor ran these costs thru her employer, but I don't have an employer so either the club will have to pick up the tab or we need to find another donor.
Yikes!  I have to bring this information to the board immediately!  So that's my job today.

Tomorrow morning, Saturday, Ken and I go to the agility field with Max, Lucky and his novice dog, Casey, and begin training in preparation for the Hattiesburg Trial, only 3 weeks away.  My hip is still sore, but not debilitating at the moment.  Hope I can pull this off.

Upwards and onward!

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