Monday, December 19, 2011

Dog Furniture - My New Armoire

On my birthday last month, touring an antique store, I saw a huge, deep but very expensive antique armoire which gave me the idea of how I might stow my dog gear out of sight, instead of offloading it onto my dining room table (where it's been all year)!  I began searching nearby antique and furniture stores, but found nothing I liked or could afford.  Then I tried Craigs List, typed in "armoire", and up popped this beautiful, almost new 7' high, 4' wide, 25" deep armoire (actually a bedroom entertainment center), that fits beautifully in my high ceilinged den and fits absolutely "everything dog" in it.  It was in a nearby subdivision, too.  Cost $400!  For a solid wood piece, modern, beautifully curved, in pristine condition, that's cheap.

John helped me move it last Friday.  Using his truck and my car, a dolly and lots of blankets, plus lots of patience, planning, and sweat, we did it in 2 trips, 3 hours.  It was a real struggle getting it around corners and up stairs.  Very heavy.  Thank goodness the top and bottom pieces are separate. 

The 3 upper shelves are adjustable and hold everything from satchels to coolers, dog grooming items to ribbons boxes, and my camper food box.  Even my Clean Run magazines, and a box of course maps from all the trials I've been to.
It looks lighter in the camera flash,
but this photo shows how
the wood grain was greatly
enhanced by the wax.
The 3 bottom drawers are huge and hold all my dog toys, collars, coats, sweaters, training aids, treats, meds, and crate blankets.  It's perfect. Now "everything dog" is in one place.

Only thing I didn't much like was the dull finish and dusty grayish overtones that didn't quite go with my other furniture. So last night I put a good coat of Pate Dugay French paste wax on it, Brun Rustique containing a dark stain, and today I buffed it out. My elbows and shoulders hurt but it now has a darker, richer color, more depth and a beautiful sheen. I can hardly take my eyes off of if. It's good to be in love with furniture again.

To fit the armoire in the den, I had to move my antique spinet piano out of the way (which I no longer play), and now I've refurbished that and listed it on Craigs List.

And my table is clear again (oops, now I see I'll have to refurbish the table as well). It's been a few years since I gave it the attention it deserves.

One more way dog training is changing my life, re-arranging my furniture, and dinging my pocketbook.  Merry Christmas, you Doggies!

Upwards and onward!

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