Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Test - 2011

My idea of "abundance". The first year our
Ruby Red Grapefruit tree bears fruit.
9 a.m., Thanksgiving Day, and rather than the usual cooking of turkey, dressing, pies, etc., I'm packing for an agility trial, planning to leave early tomorrow morning for Lake Charles (2.5 hours away), pop-up camper in tow.  John is staying behind this year to work on a few projects around the house and get his new computer set up.  This is my second year breaking with our long tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with family on Friday so Jonathan (my grandson) can join us, and leaving everyone else free to have their big Thanksgiving Day dinner with other family on Thursday.  This has always been fine with me, but this year, like last year, competing has taken precedence.  I need my Q's to meet next year's goals. John and I will have turkey dinner tonight at Thom and Judy's, and I'll bring them a sack of grapefruit from our very own tree, in lieu of cooking.  Thom will save me his turkey carcass for my traditional turkey soup, which I'll share with everyone after the holidays.  So seeing Jonathan is about all I'll miss, and of course, all those delicious leftovers.

Trial Snafu
Me, in limbo, but relaxing and celebrating a beautiful
Thanksgiving Day. (L-R)
Lucky Lucy, Maxie, Michele, Willow, FoohFooh
Of course, there has to be a trial snafu, and I'm on tenderhooks because I haven't received my Trial Entry Confirmation.  A clubmate received hers and emailed me this morning to say I wasn't on the list (Calcisieu Kennel Club is one of the few clubs that sends out a Running Order in advance).  So this morning I'm calling and emailing the Trial Secretary wondering if I'm in.  Did my entry get lost in the mail? Did she receive it on time?  Got her out of bed and she has to get dressed and go to her office where her records are kept. I had called her weeks ago to say I was mailing in my entry on the closing date and she said that would be fine, and now she says if it's her mistake she will put me in.  So I'm in limbo for the next few hours.

"Me, in well-practiced limbo"

Meanwhile, John's taking pictures of me and the dogs, we're enjoying the beautiful weather, calling family and friends, and basking in the great practice I had at the field last night. Maxie and Lucky were charged up, enthusiastic, fast, and accurate.  My calf feels strong.  I feel mentally ready and focused.  No pressure.  No deadlines to reach a title.  So this snafu is just a test.  Yes, I'm staying calm.  My hunch is it will all work out.
12:10 p.m.  Okay, I'm in.  Sallie found my entry and check, can't figure out how she missed it.  Just received my Confirmation via email.  More snafus. Lucky's AKC number was wrong, and she was entered in Novice on 2 days when I entered her in Excellent B, and only 5 runs when I entered her in 6 runs.  Had to get all that fixed, plodded through it without getting upset, and now everything is OK.  So now, back to packing, and feeling grateful for all my many blessings.  All in all, my pre-competition routine is running very smoothly. The Cognitive Edge training is paying off.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Upwards and onward,

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Cheryl said...

Michele - Lake Charles secretary goofed if she sent out the catalog early. AKC allows the secretary to send out the assigned catalog number(s) and AKC registration number of the exhibitor's dog to each exhibitor to verify accuracy of AKC number (see Sect 19 Running Order As with other AKC events, the entire catalog is only available at the trial site on the day of the trial (Section 25). Other agility organizations do allow the catalog to go out early.